Adding BFIC Chain Network to Your MetaMask Wallet | BFIC RPC URL

The BFIC chain is a blockchain platform that allows numerous decentralized apps (DApps) in the sectors of DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, and more. It is accessible with the Ethereum network and delivers rapid, cheap, and secure transactions. By adding the BFIC chain network to your MetaMask wallet, you may access and engage with the hundreds of DApps on the BFIC chain and enjoy the benefits and opportunities they give.

How do I add the BFIC network to MetaMask?

To add the BFIC chain to Metamask, follow these steps:

  • Install MetaMask. If you’re a mobile user, you may download MetaMask for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and Android. Follow the steps to install MetaMask on your device after downloading it and picking your platform.
  • Set up MetaMask. Select Create a Wallet and record the backup seed phrase that was supplied to you. Save it in a safe area, since you will need it to access your wallet and money if anything happens to your smartphone or account.

Your wallet is now ready to send and receive funds!

Let’s Now Add the BFIC Network to MetaMask

Configure Your MetaMask Wallet for BFIC CHAIN

The default setting for MetaMask is the Ethereum network, but because you're interested in the BFIC Chain, let's modify the wallet's settings. Choose Add a Network under Settings.

Since the BFIC Smart Chain network does not come packed with MetaMask, we need to manually add it by clicking Add Network in the top-right corner. It's crucial to remember that we can use either the testnet or the Mainnet in this situation. The necessary inputs are listed below for each.

Network Name;  BFIC Mainnet
Chain ID;  100
Currency SymbolBFIC
Block Explorer URL(Optional)

Congratulations, you have successfully added the BFIC chain network to your MetaMask wallet. You are now ready to explore and enjoy the incredible DApps on the BFIC chain. Whether you are interested in DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, or other disciplines, you will discover something that meets your requirements and preferences. You may also earn incentives and chances by utilizing the BFIC coin, the native cryptocurrency of the BFIC network. To understand more about the BFIC chain and its DApps, you may visit the official website here or the block explorer here.

Adding BFIC CHAIN to Metamask Wallet FAQs;

Here's a potential addition to the FAQs section in Metamask about the BFIC chain:

  • What is the BFIC?

BFIC is the native cryptocurrency of the BFIC Blockchain. This coin is already worth more than $40.00 on XchangeOn. You can sell your BFIC rewards at XchangeOn after withdrawing them to Love Wallet. Innovation Factory's project.

  • What is the BFIC Network?

App-based platform that provides cryptocurrency staking and affiliate marketing. Users can access the app and begin stake-mining sessions. Logging in on a regular basis results in regular rewards and higher yields. Users can keep a close eye on staking and reward activities.

  • What is the BFIC RPC Url?

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